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Format: Dias, Digitalprints
Lake and Tape
Land-art performance at Murla Dam at Sopot, 1985
Performance by Bendji /Albena Mihaylova
Co-participant: Vesko Velev.
Used material: Rowing boat (2 paddles), owned by the dam. White roll paper tape, endless, perforated at the edges, 22 cm wide. Purpose - used in electronics centers in the past.
April. Spring of the 85th. Murla Dam near Sopot, Balkana mountain. Sunny but still cool weather.
The landscape for the Land Art is well appreciated. The intervention was conceptually sought, and the potential for contact with water on land was realized. The terrain around the lake is also part of the vision.
With a rowing boat, I cross the water surface, describing concentric circles - first along the shore, then spiraling towards the middle of the lake, developing a paper strip along its surface. The white band is on a roll perforated at the edges, about 22 cm wide, slightly coated. Its purpose was to print data in electronics centers in the 1980s. The tape surfs and tries to fly, but manages to stay on the water. The paper does not immediately sink. On the terrain on the opposite shore the ribbon forms a spiral. It wraps the crown of a still unbranched tree. The more the lake „wraps“, ie. it is taken over by artistic intervention, the more the body develops and releases itself. As I row through concentric circles toward the center of the lake, I undress my clothes. I am sitting naked in the boat, alone in the center of the lake. The vision of the white floating ribbon and the naked woman in the boat lasts about 20-30 minutes. Then the ribbon slowly sinks.
Existing archive: Color slides 13 pieces. 7 of them show the beginning - samples with the boat, selecting places and points of view. 6 slides have aesthetic value and show the process of working with the tape and the results. One large and one small rolls of the same white paper tape are available.
Presentations, Publications, Press
2019, Dr. Andrea Domesle, Curator‘s text for the Solo Exhibition «Fictitious Biographies» by Albena Mihaylova, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia Arsenal, Sofia. Published in Kustbulletin, November 2019, p.61
2019, Catalog of the exhibition «Notes and Footnotes» in the Kapana Gallery, Plovdiv, curated by Vera Mlechevska
2018, PANCH Performance Photography, LISTE18 Art Fair Basel, Switzerland
1988, Publication by Dimitar Grozdanov, Art Magazine no. 9 of 1988, which mentions the Land Art Performance “Lake and Tape”.
Copyright: Albena Mihailova / Bendji
Murla dam, Sopot, Bulgarien, 1985

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Albena Mihaylova