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Last Shirt
Performance by Bendji /Albena Mihaylova and Pedro Cobler.
Culture Factory Wetzikon, Switzerland, 1994
From February to September 1994, Albena Mihailova was an Artist Resident at the BINZ'39 Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.
She realizes a number of projects with the Swiss performance artist Pedro Cobbler. The performance «The Last Shirt» was the result of a conceptually conceived 30-day process - a time when the both artists were out of touch, traveling to different places, but daily reflecting on everything they touch and collecting the material traits of their experiences or thoughts.
The performance was inspired by the old proverb "The last shirt has no pocket", which interprets the meaning of material after the end of life. The performance was held in front of an audience at the Wetzikon Cultural Factory, and followed the individual dramaturgy of the two artists.
At the beginning of the hall, left and right on the walls, were located Pedro’s and Albena’s installations. The artists have been collecting small items in plastic bags for 30 days - each labeled with the date, place, time and origin of its contents.
The next stop in the space were a number of white shirts, hung on the walls on the left and right. Contact microphones were mounted around the hangers and the audio system plays every touch.
The stations in real time of the performance:
• Sewing machine and megaphone, where Albena reads her grandmother's tales in a machine stroke;
• a metal trough in which Albena shrunk like an embryo and Pedro performs a ritual baptism by watering it;
• a podium where a pocket-shaped matrix is printed on white shirts and microphones capture the whisper of each crease;
• an area where words have no place and pose a danger, and where Albena and Pedro pull in a common shirt, and literally engage in a fight, tearing it apart.
Culture Factory Wetzikon, Switzerland, 1994

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Albena Mihaylova