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Root High in the Sky

Format: Fotos
Root high in the sky
Land-Art Action at Plovdiv’s Old City with the female members of the EDGE Group
Bendji /Albena Mihaylova, Nadya Genova, Monika Romenska, Veneta Marinova
May 8, Plovdiv. The name of this Land Art action is controversial. In Bendji’s diary it is referred to as «Reverse». The idea for it comes from Bendji’s namesake work – a collage inspired by Binyo Ivanov’s poem «A Root High in the Sky». The vision shows a stylized tree with its roots facing up. And the roots are recreated by very long fabrics stretching out to neighboring buildings. The trunk of the tree is made of cross beams provided by Albena. The fabrics are sponsored by the Maritza Combine, Plovdiv. Some years ago Albena bought a truck with a crossbar from the Plovdiv railway depot and worked with this material for several years: Her exhibitions "Name of the Subject" 1 and 2, have already been implemented in Sofia, Plovdiv and Dobrich.
On the day of the Land Art Action the Bulgarian National Television films a documentary about the EDGE Group. The male part of the group was engaged in giving interviews and their presence
in the Land Art Action was minimal. This is why the Landart-Action has a "female" character.
In June 1990, the Land-Art Action and modified pictures of the process, were displayed in the «Labyrinth» Exhibition at 6 Shipka St. (UBA) in Sofia. The installation under the name «Reverse» was constructed by Albena Mihaylova / Bendji, Nadya Genova and Emil Mirastchiev, as representatives of EDGE Group.
1990 «Labyrinth» Exhibition at 6 Shipka St. (UBA) in Sofia., Bulgaria
2016 «The Edge Museum», a retrospective exhibition of the Edge Group, Ancient Bath Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2019 «Listen to Us – Artistic Intelligence», exhibition of works from Art Collection Deutsche Telekom, curators Rainald Schumacher and Natalie Hios, Ancient Plovdiv and SKLAD, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgarien, 1990

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Albena Mihaylova