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Format: Negative 6x6, Barytauszüge
I am Pissed off
Performance in front of photo camera by Bendji / Albena Mihaylova
Photographer: Nikolay Minchev.
Copyright: Albena Mihaylova
Februar, 1991. This performance presents the female body as a poster, as a field for revealing messages, as a drawing sheet, as a tool or as a pop sculpture. The female body, pregnant and unprotected, with blinds on as if to appear before a firing squad. A challenge that creates a sense of risk, a scream, but also courage.
The coming person, the child, is preordained. It does not want to live the way reality dictates.
Who remembers the winter of 1990 in Bulgaria? The ice on the streets, the empty stores where there was no milk and the lines starting at 4 in the morning? My mother used to wrap rags around her feet and leave our home at night to queue in front of the store. When they opened up at 7 in the morning there was enough milk for about a dozen people who were first in line.
This was the time when we, the EDGE Group, were preparing the «Big Photography Exhibition».
Three images of this photo-session were part of the EDGE Group exhibition «Big Photography».
1991 «Big Photography» Exhibition by EDGE Group, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1991 «Kajmak Art», Exhibition at 6 Shipka St. (UBA) in Sofia, Bulgaria (aworded)
2016 «The Edge Museum», a retrospective exhibition of the Edge Group, Ancient Bath Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2019 «Listen to Us – Artistic Intelligence», exhibition of works from Art Collection Deutsche Telekom, curators Rainald Schumacher and Natalie Hios, Ancient Plovdiv and SKLAD, Bulgaria
Plovdiv, Bulgarien, 1991

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Albena Mihaylova