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I dreamed a dream we went back in time with our today‘s mind.

I constructed a mental model of a society, where the living ensemble of two generations with different mentalities, values and cultures is possible.
I envisioned a friendship between different social classes of two centuries, creating a new vision of permeability and mélange of social structures.
I visualized a healthy relation between monarchs from past days and the precariat of our today‘s society.
I imagined the possibility of dysfunctional with functional. I thought of a world in which traditional craft flirts with modern technology.
I dreamed a dream in which honest critical reflections are raised to understand and adapt an identity.
I dreamed a dream of a 16th century western European fashion facette growth with a touch of technical, street flow from the 21st century.
I dreamed a dream of balance of power.

I dreamed a dream we went back in time with our today‘s mind.
We use all our tools and techniques on our fashion from old times.
We know of the world‘s dangers and wounds, we are ahead in healing and undoing
Our damage and destruction on this planet earth.

In endings we offer beginnings.
In darkness we offer light.
In tradition we offer evolvement. In trades we offer partnerships. In a society we offer union.
In creations we reuse, reform and remix lost matter. In royalty we offer the dirt, sweat and grind of sports. In western European fashion we offer streetwear.
In a palast we offer motorcycles. In tradition we offer adrenaline.
Basel, 2021