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Nothing - no room, no time, no grass
Empty, fuel of emptiness, no colour The beginning of an end.
The performance is a direct response to the Russian-Ukrainian war that started during the SIM residency in Reykjavik.All of us were shocked, astonished and devastated. But we chose art instead of silence.This performance and, eventually, the video became tools for communicating the collective emotions of three strangers in Reykjavik, a call for peace and togetherness in a fragile moment of uncertainty, and a choice to make a difference through art.
Ariane’s initial idea created a foundation for the form of the performance. Her work focused on the processes of creation and destruction.A key symbol of the performance, the dress, becomes a process in itself, an entangled thread. It, simultaneously, brings the spectator back to the beginning of the work. Symbolic, it alludes to the myth of Ariadna’s fate thread in the labyrinth, with a crucial difference, nonetheless. Unlike the narrative of a Greek story,Ariane’s piece started with the entanglement of accomplishment. Beginning of an end.
The idea behind the performance went through a drastic metamorphosis at 5 AM on the 24th of February. As mentioned in Ariane’s interview, it was difficult to narrate a story without reacting to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.With intuition and symbolic gestures, such as candle lightening,Ariane changed a narrative into a call for peace.
Every choice that we do in everyday life is inevitably political, from a cup of coffee to a holiday trip. Silence is also political, especially when it's the one toward the invaded freedom and land of the Ukrainian nation. Today's war between Ukraine and Russia affects democracy across the globe and we cannot stay silent.We feel that it is vital to react to political events through art. It is necessary to create a dialogue, disagree, support, and stand with Ukraine.
Reykjavik, Island, 2022


Ariane Lugeon is a textile and performance artist from the planet Earth with a Swiss passport. She likes to bring traditional hand craft together with contemporary themes, for example, by combining knitting with provocative statements. With her art,Ariane manages to materialise emotional states with textile fibres and, thus, to let them interact with the environment, so that the observer recognises it, and feels like looking into a mirror. Ariane connects in her performance art of textile and performance together.The threads are connections to the Video art by Wen and the drawing by Kristina. Ariane was born in 1974 in Switzerland, Biel. She lives and works in Copenhagen (DK), Basel (CH) and Hégenheim (F). Autodidact. nonconformist. developing. Freelance artist for more than 20 years. Textilart, Installation, Performance, Photography Embroidery & Knitting is her passion. Wen Hsieh is a junior film director and editor whose films featured in Mercedes Benz fashion week Russia in 2021. Her image creations were published in some digital magazines and print magazines around Europe these few years. Furthermore, she had a group photography exhibition in London in 2021.Wen's experiences of studying fashion womenswear design (2002-2006) and applied imagination (2019-2020) and being a stylist ( from 2009) in the films and television industry nourish her horizon and shape the style of her visual delivery, being highly sensitive to the balance between showcasing garments and storytelling.Wen believes the power of garment styling is not only a beautiful decoration of the human body but also inner voice delivery. Nowadays She contributes her ability on delivering sustainability through her films. Kristina Kapeljuh is an artist and illustrator with multicultural background. She was born in Ukraine, lived in Hungary, studied in Scotland, Switzerland, and England.A transdisciplinary approach to creative practice has brought her work to diverse contexts. Her recent artist residencies and exhibitions were held across Europe, including Ukraine, Iceland, and Austria. Main narratives of her practice focus on bridges between metaphysics, specifically dualistic structures, and printmaking.At its core, her work explores ideas of contemporary metaphysics while reflecting the intensity and pattern of materiality in flux. Kristina’s ambition is to expand this visual language through engagement with Eastern philosophy and culture.


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Bang Bang


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Hsieh, Pei-Wen
Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action
Petreikis, Martynas
Reykjavik, Island
SIM Gallery Exhibition
Video 16:9
Lugeon, Ariane; Hornbuckle, Dove