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Format: VHS Video, mp4
Land Art Action
concept by Bendji /Albena Mihaylova
Held on 13–19 September 1989, North part of the Black see, Bulgaria
Albena Mihaylova, Dimitar Grozdanov, Todor Balev, Hristo Gospodinov, Sulzina Baleva,
Galya Yotova, Yordanka Simeonova, Tsestso Manev, Tatyana, Gosho, Vera, Plamen, Svetlio
Audience: Tourists and guests
A traditional plein air entitled «Nature», organized by the Union of Bulgarian Artists, branch Tolbuhin, East North Bulgaria. The plein air took place in the artist Gospodinov’s summer house at the Resort Complex Albena, North part of Black see, Bulgaria.
Albena: «I sat on the observation tower in the garden and read a book by Mircea Eliade, looking at the sea with binoculars and writing in my large «diary-nightary» handmade book. I got the idea of making a giant female robe to connect the high cliffs and the sea. The terrain was a rockslide, hard and dangerous, but our group was determined. We needed about 150 meters of sturdy white cotton fabric, paint, brushes, lumber, and ropes.
During the creating the «Dress», everyone was in an makeshift suit, made from the cut-outs, enters the role and creates own individual performance. The process was incredibly intense. We worked on the seaside promenade and were subject to interest by many passing by.
Our action was well documented by the two photographers in the group - Galya Yotova and Yordanka Simeonova. It was recorded with a non-professional video camera too.
The «Dress» participated as an installation in the iconic exhibition «11.11.89» in Blagoevgrad, South West Bulgaria. During the arranging the exhibition we were surprised by the news about the removal of the communist dictator Todor Zhivkov.
The installation «Dress» was shown at the «Big Photography» Exhibition of the EDGE Group, Plovdiv, 1991.»
Existing archive:
1. A «diary-nightary» handmade book, 50cm/70cm, property by Albena Mihaylova
2. Some official letters, property by Albena Mihaylova
3. Video documentation, 6‘ 23’’, rights by Albena Mihaylova
4. Numerous b/w digitalised negatives, shooted by Galya Yotova and Yordanka Simeonova.
Co-rights Albena Mihaylova
Schwarzmeer, Nord Bulgarien, 1989

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Albena Mihaylova