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The Real Lifestyle Magazine. The Stories about Two People, Ana Brankovic and Yves Meier

The numerous lifestyle magazines about the professional information shows up continuously following the stream of society, however, it also disappears at the same time. One of the reasons of disappearance is, firstly, lifestyle magazines are popularized in this society. Secondly, it’s degraded to the cultural product. Thirdly, it also starts to handle the similar forms in public. And the last, it happens because the purpose of magazine mainly weighs into the profitability more than the value of arts. For this reason, the characteristic in representing the information disappears and all magazines become the same design and contents to the readers. Specially, the editorial design which is the character of magazine and the cover which is face of magazine show the consistent figures as well.

This is the reason why I made a decision to make a new kind of lifestyle magazine which shows people’s personalities and characteristics more deeply that audience can feel the person who appears in my lifestyle magazine. Also “to seeing magazine” instead of “to reading magazine” is the main concept of this thesis project. The Lifestyle magazine is not just display the person but actually it reveals the characteristic and personality of that person by engaging with the magazine.
Basel, 2017