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«my data – your data»

Concerning the current topics of surveillance and the possibility of being spied on, this project serves as a critical reflection of what an intrusion into a mobile device could mean. Some people are taping over the webcam on their laptop – however, they tend to leave the mobile phone out. The fact, that those devices are internet-capable, have two cameras pointing in different directions and include a microphone as well, makes them very interesting and powerful tools if another party gains access inside them.

The project shows what’s possible in this case by working in two parts: interested volunteers are able to download an Android app (for now) and activate the spying timeframe. During this phase, two images, one screenshot and a couple of seconds of audio are going to get taken randomly and uploaded to the second part: an online exhibition space in form of a web page. Recent captures and audio recordings are being displayed in a loop, until new data from other volunteers arrives.

The triptych hereby provides a multi-dimensional insight: the cameras show what's happening physically in front and back of the phone, while a screenshot dives into another level – leaves the tangible space – and displays what's happening virtually inside the device during the temporary intrusion. Additionally, the audio snippet creates a virtual sound space and supports the gained data in another level.
Basel, 2017