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Analog Digital – Digital Analog

In my research on this particular topic I tried to find the collaboration between traditional medias like a painting and drawing and contemporary technologies, especially in digital photography. I started my research experiments by transferring hand written letters into an image. After I looked for media examples like newspapers and Google Books, I created a Google Book imitation by combining my associations about it. The result is the imitation of a “Reclam“ edition cover and it is obviously distorted which will make a question in the onlooker and he would like to look at it and open it. The pages are created through Google books screenshot and transferred into the images by using special technique in drawing.
The “Google Map” image is a representation of the city of Basel. Here I used software and the “Google Map” web application and I created a view where a depicted perspective of the whole city is not possible to fully unfold on screen. By transferring the examples from medias into drawing or painting I invalidated the real meaning of them and brought them into another dimensionality.
Basel, 2017