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Self-Reflective Visibility

How to describe the phenomenon of visibility? This is the main question in the project called Self-Reflective Visibility. Presented as a multimedia installation it contains different visual offers for the beholder to become involved in. From far one can grasp the ensemble of different elements, such as four pillars. There two glass cubes, a projector and a book are on display. The book contains the theoretical approach which is in close relation to the photographical examination. The glass cube next to the book shows Lustenbergers approach to the gaze and the phenomenon of mirroring which she encountered during various experiments. The pictures are complex interlocks of the glass cube and the human gaze that is reflected through the glass. The second glass cube is the one the experiments were made with. It is filled with water and lit because of the projection that is coming from the projector on the fourth pillar. The idea of the installation is to invite the beholder to make his own visual experience through the glass and water mirroring, but also to become involved into what Lustenberger has encountered and her approach, expressed through the photographical pictures and the presented installation.
Basel, 2017