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Visual Authenticity – Experiments, analyses & synthesis on designing authentic corporate imagery

Authenticity is an important value for many companies, but is rarely adequately communicated visually, even though the demand for the authentic is now as great as never before and there is a huge desire for it. For this reason, the aim of this thesis was to investigate the extent to which images can be authentic and how they can be specifically produced and designed in the context of corporate imagery. The answer to this question was investigated by a theoretical discussion of the topics: authenticity, identity, corporate identity and corporate design as well as corporate imagery. Through practical image research, these findings were subsequently expanded, for example through the production of corporate images and their analysis. With the result that, despite the theoretical impossibility of authenticity, it is possible to produce images and corporate images that are perceived as authentic by their recipients. In addition to this finding, the research has led to many other results and syntheses that are both textual and visual.
Basel, 2017