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87 Questions on Artistic Research

After more than ten years of experience with research at art schools in Switzerland – and internationally since the beginning of the 1990s – scholarly statements and visions about the future development of artistic research have become well known. SARN’s aim is to investigate the impact of artistic research with a focus on non-school protagonists in Switzerland and abroad – by collecting questions. Inspired by the book by artists Fischli/Weiss, Findet mich das Glück?, we looked for questions – straightforward, multi-layered, enigmatic, inspiring – presenting the personal experiences of artists, curators, researchers, and observers of the field or representatives of a funding organisation. The present notebook includes 87 multi-faceted questions and is the starting point of a long-term project dealing with the impact or ‘added value’ of artistic research in society. We invite you to step into the flow of questions in order to enable a deepened reflection. By accepting the current ambivalent situation in which there might be no (simple) answers, we would like to keep the discussion going.