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Atelier Mondial - Snellen

Lieke Snellen is interested in the way the human body forms a relation with functional objects and architecture. Objects can take in a certain place within our daily surroundings and form a direct relation with the human body, such as a chair or table. How does the organization of these objects and the architecture relate to the choreography of the people? These relations might be the result of ergonomics or the simple laws of physics, but are also strongly influence by their own social-cultural context. Snellen investigates these potential relations, through questioning the function and form of the objects. She does this by designing and undertaking exercises (sketches and research), on location or in her own studio, which also intrinsically questions the qualities of sculpture as a medium. Snellen is interested in sculpture from the perspective of minimalism and post-modernism and how this can be discussed in terms of medium specificity and material analyses. Questions on the active and anthropomorphic sculpture and how this forms a link with her sketches (exercises) creates the basis. She, thereby, treats architecture and objects as sculptural elements with which she tries to find and challenge a similar corporal association.