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Atelier Mondial -

Didzxaá Bëërtziana (Current Bëërtziana)
My work consists in the creation of woven wool and cotton textiles, I use traditional Zapotec techniques of ancient origin, from the carding of wool to the dyeing with natural dyes.
My inspiration flows freely when I am weaving, it is the canvas constructed with the threads of my existence and identity, I embody in it the iconography of my indigenous culture as well as the perception of my reality of how I interpret life from my knowledge and senses that Underlie the deep world of hermeticism and at the same time allow me to encounter the reality and the intangible vibrations that connect with the whole world through the morphogenetic fields reaching a full and essential point.
My idea reflects the creation of a duality between popular art and contemporary art, art, science and identity are the essence of my work and my being these concepts are currently limited due to the absence of a trend or concept that defines them as Such, however, these concepts incite me to know the "Bëërtziana idea".
Artist Statement