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insufficient rights for media display


The audience is invited in the basement of the building.
We are standing in a room. Well this is not really a room but a hall.
On the floor are some speakers and microphones.
The room is lit by normal neons, belonging to the space.
The performer enters the space with water in the hands.
The performer throws the water on the floor.
The sound of the water on the floor is amplified.
The performer goes out of the room.
The performer comes back few seconds later with water in the hands and throws it on the same spot.
The performer repeats this movement several times.
The water on the ground gradually reveals the letters.
On the floor, the audience can finally read: “everything becomes a sign when you are lost”
The performer enters again with water in the hands, drinks the water and leaves the room.
- Jeanne Spaeter / HKB CAP Alumna & performer
Progr, 2023