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insufficient rights for media display


The audience is invited in the attic of the building.
The performer welcomes the audience in the space.
« I am not really performing »
The performer explains her creation process to the audience.
The ground is equipped with sound.
The performer explains that she created a metal ball of her own weight.
She created a system to interact with this ball.
The performer says – or someone said to me – that the ball is made out of slightly toxic metal and should not be touched too long.
The performer constructed all the elements on the stage.
While explaining, the performer takes out the metal ball of a wooden box.
Pushes it to a wooden swing.
The performer installs the ball on one end of the swing, and her body on the other end.
The performer tries to find a balance, on the swing, between her body and the ball.
There is a live created tic-tac sound.
The performer goes off the swing and rolls the ball back in the box.
The performer explains that carrying her weight is part of the performance.
The performer can not do it alone and asks for held to carry the box.
- Jeanne Spaeter / HKB CAP Alumna & performer
Progr, 2023