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Becoming Myth

The audience is invited to go in the Progr's underground.
The audience sits on the floor, in a hall.
The performer is not to be seen and appears from down the stairs.
The setting is lit and the audience hears a dull sound.
The performer sits on the floor with a white chalk stone.
The performer tells the audience a story. The story of a house.
The performer draws a square on the floor with the chalk stone.
The sound of the rock on the floor is amplified through a cable that is linked to the rock. The story goes on and the voice of the performer is distorted.
The performer draws a large motive on the floor.
The body of the performer takes the white of the chalk stone.
The body of the performer becomes a danced body.
The chalk stone wears out.
The movement of the body wears out.
The performer leaves the stage by the emergency exit.
- Jeanne Spaeter / HKB CAP Alumna & performer
Progr, 2023