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Interaction experiment as a social considered misfit person

I saw Aline on the very beginning of the day of ACT festival.
The performer was in the stairway. Against the grid door, the cheek pressed on the grid.
The performer was standing and slowly melting to the floor.
The performer looked at me directly and intensely in the eyes. I could not tell her intention through this gaze but it did not really felt friendly.
The performer was not speaking.
The performer was wearing what looked like a clown a make-up : black eyes, and red lips, doing a smile on her cheeks.
Later in the day, I saw The performer sitting on the stairs, not moving and smiling.
The smiled seemed unreal.
I turned my head for a few seconds, and when I looked back, The performer had disappear.
- Jeanne Spaeter / HKB CAP Alumna & performer
Progr, 2023