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PlasticArc.. Throw your Guilt away the way we throw out our trash!

We polluted nature to a state where garbage patches the size of Europe float within our oceans - the world is drowning not only due to the rising sea level but also in garbage and people. The facts are intimidating, but honestly, they also became somewhat dull. Like everyone else, I feel stuck in the current state of the world and the loss of ability to act. I’m drifting somewhere between boredom and anxiety, between indifference and guilt.

I feel guilty not only because I know I could be more sustainable but also because I know that my daughter must live with that mess and her future is even more uncertain. I want to create a safe and steady environment for her to grow and learn. But recourses are limited, and the economic situation isn’t much better than nature.

That’s were PLASTIC ARK. comes to act, killing two birds with one stone. Not only generating new space for future living but also cleaning up some of the mess we fabricated. The project’s goal is not only to collect the majority of the plastic floating within our oceans but also to create small raft-like islands from the collected trash. The floating particles only from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch would be enough to make around 4000 raft-like islands. With an average of 4 persons per Unit, that would be space for more than 16’000 People. These plastic units will be the core element of building an individual Off-the-grid home. Accessible to everyone that wishes to provide a home for their loved ones without the world’s restrictions and limitations.

To ensure that the individual units won’t be swallowed by the sea, they’ll be linked, eventually forming a floating city accessible by waterways.
Basel, 2022

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Dr. Mehdi Sahebi
Nader A. Taghavi
Kathrin A. Mast