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In absentia corpus. A silent and intimate depiction of hidden levels of the human body

The goal of this research is to transpose feelings and psychological states intrinsic into the individual. These non-tangible elements are buried deep into the single person. In order to bring them out, an introspection work is needed.
Introspection is a process of observation of the elements of consciousness of the in-dividual. The subject thinks and reflects on his past experiences. It absorbs them and makes them its own, making them its object of study. This search within our-selves, to return to ourselves, is facilitated by the current particular situation.
opens new definitions and a new look at the human body and how we perceive it. We can observe elements that are usually hidden, buried by a reality invisible to our eyes. Infrared rays immortalize translucent bodies, revealing the underlying, painting an intricate and complex natural tattoo, composed of veins and blood.
Certain types of images are no longer simple windows that show us visible appearances, nor are they mere interpretations or representations of reality, but they are the result of a set of relationships between visible and invisible, presence and absence, past and present.
Basel, 2021