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The invisibility of visible bodies.. Unravelling the psychological consequences of social and gender discrimination.

"The invisibility of visible bodies" is a practice-led research thesis that scrutinizes the complexity of social and gender-discriminatory behaviour, focusing specifically on the systematic erasure that women live in numerous areas of life. Social invisibility is the result of centuries of gender stereotypes that confined women and minorities to a disadvantage. The widespread biased mentality that discriminates against women often turns into real biased acts that, even today, occur, with most remaining unheeded.

It is notable the developing and correct usage – thanks to the academic studies on gender and feminism – of the right terminology to define the problem. But can the same be said for images? How is the visual domain reacting toward this issue? I believe that we need new, alternative images to address a situation that would otherwise be narrated solely through data, statistics, demonstrations and news reports. Indeed, the data available concerning this issue reports that there is still a lot that needs to be done in terms of years, action and change of mentality to be able to reach equality and the end of prejudices.
Basel, 2021