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Mental sanctuary: Analysis on visual parameters

Seeing only desired surroundings may cause problems when it is related to interaction and communication with society or other people because this confirmation bias leads people to a logical fallacy. If, however, this acceptance of selective information only happens on an individual psychological level, it may help people to obtain a mental state of peace. Therefore, the hypothesis of the project was ‘Confirmation bias is the result of a self-defensive mechanism which occurs by stress from the process of adapting to a new environment, and familiar visual parameters would be helpful to relieve stress. As the project deals with visual elements and mental stability, the research to test the hypothesis was conducted in the fields of evolutionary psychology, cognitive science, graphic design, and visual communication with the main research question; What visual parameters make me comfortable?
As a result, the following parameters evoked psychological stability to me: Brightness and complexity, contrast, angle and direction, composition, structured shape, and form.
Basel, 2021