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Talking to Talking Images. Aspects of Staging Video Communication in Digital Space

Social interaction via video chat platforms has become pervasive in our digital communication practice. Starting with the pandemic in spring 2020, numerous technical tools developed within a very short time. This rapid digitalisation applies above all to an examination of the technology to be able to guarantee a simultaneous communication exchange with sound and image. Questions about the visuality of the speaking images and the accompanying social effects have so far often played a subordinate role. The technical image enables visual access to physically closed entities. At the same time, this form of communication is always accompanied with the requirement to present oneself in a digital space.

The project express sceneries of video communication atmospherically and allow the onlooker to imagine their own episodes when facing the screen. Stages that exhibit the private space and convey moods of ambiguity between front and backstage. The distanced view deals not only with the question of presence and absence, but also with identity and representation of the self through everyday objects.
Basel, 2021