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Supercycle. The Transitional Nowness

Not every new idea is. Impossibility of language limits the of horizons of thought. Our current systems (including all fields: educational, political, ecological, scientific) are being enclaved in a situation of embraced and desired failures, rationalized by notions of profit. Current capitalism promotes the new, or at least the «aesthetics of innovation.» Corruption’s innovation: nesting non-functionality within a new system. Accept Failure, to better control it. On the one hand, the programmed obsolescence of objects. On the other, the programmed obsolescence of the being through the business’ dream of the Immortal. Plastic surgery, bio cancer, Google glasses, elec- tric cars. The bank-planet continues to deceive us: The Ecological concept is being eaten away by the «Trend.» Learning and education in recycling systems is more expensive for governments and private companies than investing more and more in the consumption/destruction of new resources, always more difficult to get access to, always more expensive day by day. The dumps are full, the oceans are throwing up their plastic. The birds are ashore and the last tigers are cooked in bones soup in Laos, by the best French chefs to serve the biggest Casino of a communist China. While the poor are cutting their feet on our rusty bodies, the new Vegan Rombaut shoes are getting famous and still does not reuse the leather of a vintage store. «We want a new world, not the recycled one.» We want to face our own loss.
Basel, 2018