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Performing Online. On the social interaction of live-stream.

The purpose of this project is to examine the structure and conditions for presenting works of performance art via live-stream, whilst also considering how this emerging new internet technology is encouraging art institutions to re-position themselves online. The project takes an artistic/academic form in exploring the relationship between both space and time as well as virtual and real within live-stream, and questions how live-stream therefore effects the reception of performance art.
Through analysis of the performance live-stream broadcasts by the Museum of Modern Art, New York and Tate Modern, London, as well as my own online artistic research platform ‘Performing Online’, this project proposes that the role of the spectator in viewing performance through live-stream should become active. It argues that within the medium of live-stream is the inherent opportunity for live interaction between performer and audience and that this should also play a key role in determining the aesthetic form live-stream takes.
The study results in an understanding of the potential ways in which live-stream can create and enhance new methods of viewing and interacting with performance. It also indicates that despite the unquestionable interest from art institutions to develop the field of experimentation with live-stream, the use of live-stream within their performance programmes could possibly be affected by marketing strategies and archival motivations, as well as sometimes economical or technological restraints.
The project concludes, that live-stream is able to present works of performance to a broader, global audience without loosing immediacy and that this in turn is changing the viewer’s personal expectations, demands and concepts of performance. It also insists on the continued research and increased experimentation by both artists and institutions into the medium of live-stream, in order to better engage with the audience, whilst expanding and fulfilling the potential of future online live-stream formats.;fq=%7B%22fulltext%22:%5B%22artistic%20research%22%5D,%22sammlungen%22:%5B%22Digitale%20Bibliothek%22,%22Schriftenreihe%22,%22Publikationen%22,%22Abschlussarbeiten%22%5D%7D;st=0;sz=50/18671