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words world worlds (on love)

The audience is invited to enter the the room 360, in the Progr.
In the room, there are some cushions on the floor, a couch, some yoga mats.
The setting is cosy and invites the audience to have a sit.
The performer welcomes the audience and gives some booklets.
The audience can choose to take a booklet in French, English or German.
In the booklet are few sentences from the book of bell hooks: “all about love”.
The performer invites the audience for a collective and multi-lingual reading of the booklet. Each person can choose a sentence in their booklet and read it, in the order they want.
No one is obliged to read.
The readers are free to experiment with the voice, and the level of the sound etc.
Each booklet, even in the same language, seem to have different sentences, so no sentences are repeated during the reading.
The audience read during around 10 or 15 minutes.
At some point the performer invites the audience to stop and ends the performance.
- Jeanne Spaeter / HKB CAP Alumna & performer
Progr, 2023