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The DARKNESS performance project is aimed at investigating the dimension of social space and time, in which art and political institutions interact with groups, local communities pervaded by very profound transformations: from localism to globalism. DARKNESS investigates our ecological hypotheses in a provocative and deeply engaging way, trying to develop a new vocabulary for the coding of "environmentalism" using the maximum drift of capitalism to trace and highlight the new trends in the discourse on ecology. The idea of ​​nature is not used to heal or repair what society has damaged, rather a radical new form of ecological criticism is exposed.
Darkness describes disidentification as a strategy used to survive in a society of power supremacy: a way of dealing with the dominant ideology that does not identify or / and attempts to oppose such structures. It is a modality that seeks to transform cultural logic from within by implementing permanent structural changes and at the same time evaluating the importance of local or daily resistance struggles.
The consequent reflection is not only on the "disaster", but on man and in particular his new and sudden relationship with the altered nature and the psychic mechanisms of the deep disintegrating, which allow him to adapt and survive without any form of reaction.
Darkness tells through a construction and de-construction of the collective and shared imaginary of contemporary apocalypses, but alternating the garments of the ethnographer, the political activist, the shaman, but never wearing those of Cassandra who looks at events from above, bringing the apocalypse back to its literal meaning: revelation of meaning.
DARKENSS is a device of reflection in which the spell of neoliberalism has been completely broken in which "difference", a compromised and corrupt concept which, instead of improving social dynamics, obstructs the very possibility of social improvement.
DARKNESS is deeply inspired by a politics that is invested in the power of the imagination, which allows to invent new codes of transmission of knowledge and silent forms of communication and resistance. Poetry is darkness. In the dark, in that space / time beyond the realm of the visible, experimenting with community forms and common strategies.
La Rada, Locarno, 2019


The performance can also be performed alone.


vwg:declare 2019 Video 4:3


Bang Bang


Full spec

performance by body, light, soun installation
Magrone, Giuseppe
70 min.
Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action
Lisi, Riccardo
La Rada, Locarno
Video 4:3
Racanati, Sergio (director, visual artist, performer); Vallarella, Teresa (performer); Sosta, Federica (performer); Zagaria,Giuseppe (performer)