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Inter esse : det skapande subjektet, Norén och Reality

At the centre of this dissertation is the artistic formation and, as an extension, the scientific formation. The purpose of the work is to reflect on the way from ambition to creation, to capture what about this process is unique. I have chosen two objects for my research. First, the Swedish playwright Lars Norén's (1944-) direction of a new work for the theatre, his own play Kyla (Chill). Second, Swedish Television (SVT) as they produce their largest-ever stake in the field of entertainment, the Reality-TV series Riket (The Kingdom).
Concerning the creative process, I partly focus on beginning and end, and partly on the transformation from chaos to order. In this way I am able to focus on the way something unexpected occurs. The question of what constitutes creativity is often raised, but I set out to frame it in my own way: not only with the help of two processes, but also within myself. What is the difference between being a subject, doing something oneself, and observing? In this work I assume both positions. I am a registering and documenting researcher as well as a filmmaker.
The work is structured by a principle of three: a documentation of the creative processes, a documentary film on Norén, Kall (Norén's drama), and a dissertation which unites everything into a synthesis.
First, my work acts as a purveyor of insights into and understanding of two major and very different creative processes. Second, it is about two extremely established contemporary phenomena: Norén and the SVT together constitute somewhat of a counterpoint, which make it possible to compare a creative process within the art of theatre to one within TV/entertainment. Third, my work creates a field of tension between the creative process and the analysis via my own production: Norén's drama is both a tool of interpretation in the study of Norén and an intensifying of the overall research result. Fourth, my dissertation aims to bring together aspects, categories and literature in a new way.
Publisher: Gidlunds förlag

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Inter esse
Stockholm University of the Arts