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Moving Tongues : Playing Space (for Voice, Strophonion and Video)

Proposing a ‘multivocal practice’ (German: Praxis der Vielstimmigkeit) in the vocal arts, the doctoral research project embodies an inclusive approach to the four core categories of the contemporary vocal art performance: the singing, speaking, extended and disembodied voice. Multivocality addresses various modes of virtuosity, all of which are informed by a multi-faceted artistic knowledge, whether experimental or experiential, technical or technological, improvisational or compositional. The project is driven by the investigation of the voice’s boundaries within the field of vocal performance art as of today. On the basis of the highly subjective approach to the vocal arts through the researcher’s own voice, the posed question is what the performance voice could be and sound like rather than just asking what it is or represents. Either by extending the potential ranges of the multi-register voice or by examining the in-between and the unknown of an interdisciplinary and interdependent approach to oral, vocal, bodily and technology-related practices, the performance not only uncovers that these idiosyncratic practices are informed by additional questions pertaining to technical issues to bridge the vocal terrains, but also unfolds what is conceived as a bountiful vocal imaginary.
Publisher: Stockholms konstnärliga högskola