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I‘ve been wanting to do this comic for a long time. Since about 5 years my thoughts slip into this other world from time to time. There‘s this watery planet covered by weird islands and grotesque life forms in my head. Whenever I want I can discover more and each day something new gets washed up on these shores. And somehow it doesn‘t get boring. But nevertheless, after spending so much time dwelling in a fictional world it was about time to get something onto paper. The result is just a glimpse, but it is also a ventile for many other things which come from my daily life. So whatever bothered me might have found a way into this book...
The volume is 54 pages including sketches, prewords and credits.
It will be displayed at the diploma exhibition and if you would like a copy contact me via
Special thanks go to Arlène Stebler and Robin Rickenbacher, which both had to endure my endless questioning and constant talking about this comic. They both shared their criticism and ideas and had a lot of impact on the project. Also they didn‘t get to spend much time with me lately, which I am very sorry for. Another gem that I want to thank is Bruce Lee, Arlène‘s cat (the cutest, weirdest and most alien-like cat which i know) for being such an inspiration. Thank you Manu Gagneux, you really gave me comfort. Ändu and Sapir I wanna thank for their wild ideas and caring. More thanks go to all people that I didn‘t mention (because I probably forgot because it‘s a.m. and should go to bed) and of course my family who supported me and had the biggest impact on the story.
Fürs Omi und dr Opi und s Mutti und dr Daddy. Danke villmol für alles!

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