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Stool Roping Sessions

I proposed to my relatives to be involved in my artistic process.
Some friends and members of my family helped me to produce 45 stools.
The main action was to stretch 35 meters of cotton rope on each seat.
After a while, gestures became automated, and tongues were loosened.
A group synergy has arisen.
Thanks to :
Clément Borel, Neal Byrne Jossen, Veronica Casellas Jimenez, Anne-Gabrielle Evard, Ruben Glauser, Théophile Glauser, François Jakob, Frédéric Jakob, Sybille Jakob, Alice Jeannet, Sylvie Linder, Viencent Locatelli, Pauline Maurer, Christine Perrochet, Martine Perrochet, Florence Quadroni, Jean-Daniel Ribaux, Virginie Ribaux, Nicolas Raufaste, Joan Scherten, Liza Trottet and Emilio Vidal.