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digital communication in the art museum environment

This project explores the domain of digital media for art museum communication: In the art museum, visitors can observe the artworks and perceive emotions; understanding the context of the artworks is central to this experience. However, museums tend to provide the same level of information despite the audience being varied.

The research focuses on how to simplify the design process of a digital communication system, and to differentiate the visitors’ experience. The outcome is a study of the digital possibilities offered by a modular interface architecture. This architecture is a library of UI/UX patterns that are to be combined as building blocks, that could be used to develop a series of museum apps. This system allows to answer specific needs of each museum through the choice of design functions, as well as make direct customization from visitors possible.

The art museum case studies are considered as A/B samples for the visual experiments are Kunstmuseum Basel and Fondation Beyeler.
Basel, 2022