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Papin Madness

Genderless clothing has been my vision since the first day I started to study fashion back in 2006. I have been referencing the past, challenging men to wear pink, a dress and heels additionally using the similarity idea. The purpose of similarity idea is to retrain people's eyes that wearing the same clothing for both genders is acceptable and should be celebrated.
I believe that in the future there will be no separation between menswear and womenswear clothing in stores. This was realized sooner than I expected when Selfridges, a big department store in London, started the Agender pop-up shop that has genderneutral clothing. It is rewarding knowing that your conceptualization is happening in society today.
Basel, 2018

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Prof. Priska Morger, Prof. Dr. Bettina Köhler
Julian Zigerli
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