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6/7/8 May 2016
Opening on Friday 6 May 2016 at 16:00

Interactive installation by Pier Giorgio De Pinto @ Keck-Kiosk
Klybeckstrasse 1b, Basel
Tram Nr.8 - Stop Kaserne
All social devices admitted.

How does it work?
A camera via software uses a mix of ASCII code and webcam effects, catching, encoding and decoding people in front of a screen. The installation modifies the result of the effects during the five hours of the event, thanks to the different strength of the natural light caught by the camera.
It is a funny way to take amazing selfies and to share them on social networks.

What is ASCII code?
The ‘American Standard Code for Information Interchange’ ASCII is a character-encoding scheme originally based on the English alphabet. ASCII codes represent text in computers, communications equipment and other devices that use text. Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they support many additional characters. The term is also used to refer to visual art in general based on text.

Who is Pier Giorgio De Pinto?
Pier Giorgio De Pinto (I/CH) is a trans-disciplinary artist, a performer, a curator, a theorist and a media trainer.
De Pinto strongly uses new media as a thinking medium in which involves the audience, creating performative experiences and immersive environments.
De Pinto is currently studying a hybridisation practice between expanded cinema, performances, digital codes, infographics, mapping territories and human factors. The gesture of the artist removes functionality, adds significance, proposes a new sense, subverts rules, creates a new order.

Pier Giorgio De Pinto

Pier Giorgio De Pinto is currently exhibiting within DIGITALE ABSTRAKTIONEN at HeK Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel-Münchenstein.
6 April – 22 May 2016
Mon-Wed 10:00-18:00, Thu 10:00-20:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-18:00

HeK Haus der elektronischen Künste
Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein / Basel
Keck Kiosk_Kaserne, Basel, 2016


Full spec

Video and photos of the installation
De Pinto, Pier Giorgio
300min each day for three days
Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action
De Pinto, Pier Giorgio
Keck Kiosk_Kaserne, Basel
Performance Artist
Video 16:9
Pier Giorgio, Pier Giorgio; some people passing by