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Dream of Zanzibar begins with the projection of video and computer generated stellar and terrestrial images. Person A enters the concrete parcours and steps onto the grass mound, where he puts down a piece of gauze with a drawing of a figurine. He withdraws into the tent. Subsequently B and C enter, each putting down his own piece of gauze and other items that A will later utilize. A joins them and receives a machine from C that emulates breathing noise. C turns on the computer; B points the surveillance camera at A. The digitized image of A holding the breathing machine appears on the rear screen. A checks with a chronometer and slips back into the tent. While a recorded voice tells the story of how Stanley found Livingstone, B sets the tent on fire. A emerges, again checking with the stop watch, obviously oblivious of the burning tent. The computer image of A standing next to the fire is transmitted to the screen. B puts down eight plastic basins in a row and begins to fill them with water from the hose. Meantime A starts a carefully timed race around the isle, at the end of each round setting fire to one piece of gauze. After three rounds A returns onto the mound and unwraps an ax. He approaches a big tree, marks a spot, raises the ax to a blow and freezes, as though enacting Hodler's famous woodcutter. The image is captured by the computer. The following video segment shows two persons who enter a square and approach a wrapped body. A imitates the event and unwraps a blue cane. He steps into the first basin, then advances, carefully measuring the ankle depth of each container. B points the camera at the final basin and exits. The sound of a big crowd fades in with the computer image of people standing over ankles in the sea. Meantime C has left. A female voice says: "By now it would be impossible to stand the world's population on the island of Zanzibar without people on the periphery being over ankles in the sea." A has arrived at the last container. When he measures its depth, it turns out to be bottomless.
Pallanza, Italien, 1985


Live Performers: David Blair (US-Videokünstler), Peter Guyer (CH-Dokfilmer) Off-screen Stimmen: Christine Hatful (CN dancer), Michael Duffy (GB artist), Kay Hines (US artist) Performers auf Video: Christa Gamper (CH dancer), Peter Francis, Adrian Saich, Brad Taylor (US dancers) Nebst der Videodokumentation existiert das vorbespielte, während der Performance projizierte 4:3 Video. Weiteres (pdf) Dokumaterial: Interview mit Harry Wergles (CH Videokünstler, Performer), Essay von Lorenza Mondada


“Hahn_LX_1985_Dream_of_Zanzibar“ is a documentation of the performance. “Hahn_LX_1985_Dream_of_Zanzibar_Projection“ is the pre-recorded tape projected during the performance


vwg:declare 1985 Video 4:3 voc:voc_Genres:voc_Multimediaperformance voc:voc_Bezüge:voc_Gamekultur voc:voc_Bezüge:voc_Videokunst voc:voc_Materialien:voc_Feuer voc:voc_Materialien:voc_Flüssigkeiten voc:voc_Mittel:voc_Bühnentechnik voc:voc_Mittel:voc_Mediale Übertragung voc:voc_Mittel:voc_Projektion


Bang Bang


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A computer video play for three performers, pre-recorded footage, live video and digitization during the performance. Materialien: Wasser, Feuer, Gaze, Plastikbecken, Silberanzüge, Macintosh Classic Computer, Video digitizer, 2 Video Cameras, Switcher, Projektor, 5 Monitore, Spielzeugelektronik zur Erzeugung von Atemgeräusch, Styroporobjekt, Wasserstandmesser.
Hahn, Alexander; Blair, David
Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action
Bianda, Rinaldo
Pallanza, Italien
1985 International Video Festival, Locarno
Video 4:3
Hahn, Alexander; Guyer, Peter; Blair, David (Stimmen); Duffy, Michael (Stimmen); Hatfull, Christine (Stimmen); Hines, Kay (Stimmen)
“Hahn_LX_1985_Dream_of_Zanzibar“ is a documentation of the performance. “Hahn_LX_1985_Dream_of_Zanzibar_Projection“ is the pre-recorded tape projected during the performance
Genres:Multimediaperformance;Bezüge:Gamekultur;Bezüge:Videokunst;Materialien:Feuer;Materialien:Flüssigkeiten;Mittel:Bühnentechnik;Mittel:Mediale Übertragung;Mittel:Projektion