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More than ever, people live far away from one another, and binding symbols are lacking. People need meaningful objects, such as heirlooms, mementos, keepsakes to maintain a connection. Symbol of connection IKON is a combination of physical and digital worlds. It is a piece of jewellery with unique qr-code, that links to a personal web-safe. IKON was designed as a gift between loved ones, that not only symbolically brings them closer together, but also allows them to share their emotions and sentiments in a digital way. With the gift of IKON, the recipient receives personal messages, so cold “modern blessings” from the gift giver – in the form of audio, video, pictures or texts. Modern blessings are significant for both. It could be main life advise for a child, best wish for a friend, inside joke for a loved husband, secret family recipe for a partner, the best picture together for a wife… Design your IKON, you know how! Designed IKON empowers, uplifts and connects giver and receiver through shared positive experience.

«I greatly appreciate the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship initiative because it shows that the combination of meaningful work in an entrepreneurial environment does not have to contradict each other. Quite the contrary, the areas complement each other – if the right resources are used. The former students are supported with a variety of hands-on examples to successfully implement their ideas in a company.»

Marc Zehntner (Director Vitra Design Museum)

Through its incentive programme Swiss Cultural Challenge, the initiative Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship supports creative personalities, cultural practitioners and initiators who wish to advance their founding idea and are ready to assume responsibility for themselves and society. In the critical phase between studying and a professional career in art and design, the initiative backs the requisite steps in project and business development through offering workshops in communication, law, finances, individual mentoring as well as discursive formats and exhibitions.

Regardless of whether a project just needs a few finishing touches, whether a new format is being developed, or whether the venture is still in its infancy: the capacity-building programme provides time and space for creative and cultural workers to test and experiment– always with the current societal challenges in mind. Swiss Cultural Challenge advocates a transdisciplinary, diversitary and cooperative approach. It provides guidance to projects after graduation, enables encounters, provides space for critique, inspiration, and experimentation for the purpose of sharpening and enhancing a proposed business idea. Collaboration partners include like-minded experts and initiatives as well as museums, business companies and associations, as well as foundations.


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