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The Secret Writer

This essay reflects a particular method and way of working that I employ when undertaking artistic research. My artworks are rooted and develop from the situation I find myself in as an artist, the very context I exhibit the work within. I do this by trying to understand this position, both on the micro and macro scale. As an artist currently studying at—and subsequently exhibiting in relation to— Konstfack, I base my research with the physical manifestation of the school. An imposing building that was part of a huge headquarters and factory site for the telecommunication company, Ericsson, in south Stockholm.
The title of my essay is from the translation of a unique German cipher machine, the Geheimschreiber, made known to me through enquiry into this site. Throughout the Second World War the German army used this machine to send highly encrypted military messages across Swedish telephone cables. Following one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of cryptography, a Swedish mathematician broke this German code and subsequently assisted in designing a deciphering machine on behalf of the Swedish Intelligence branch. This device, known as the App, was secretly developed and manufactured by Ericsson, possibly where I now study.
In exploring the theme of secrets, this essay originates from an underpinning desire and subject of my work to reveal what is concealed or overlooked. Through researching and writing this essay I attempt to have a better understanding on the notion of secrets, in both the private and public realms. Introducing the artistic process and situation I am working from, I explore the central role that secrets play within society. In order to understand secrecy today I introduce the intertwined and associated contemporary debates of privacy, (both private and public) and transparency through such subjects as Google’s new privacy policy, mobile phone hacking, WikiLeaks and offshore banking.