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The site-specific filmed performance Grassworks investigates lost cultural landscapes and time. With references to textile handicraft, agriculture, and ritual, work with growing grass produces temporal constructions in the contemporary landscape that vanishes within in a few hours. This piece of artwork, with references to Sami Fiber Art, exists only for a short period of time, and then recycles back into nature. It is an artistic representation of the concept of impermanence; of transition and cyclic time, inherent in all that exists. The artistic intervention was undertaken in the landscape of the little village Järvnäset, on the border between Jämtland and Lapland in the North of Sweden.
The videoinstallation, was part of the artistic research project Sustainable Exoerience Art Park, funded by the Swedish Research Council. It was on display at University College of Art, Crafts & Design (Konstfack), Stockholm, Sweden, April 2013.