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Along Ecological Lines | EDHEA

Along Ecological Lines is a critical anthology emerging from three years of research into environmentally engaged art practices, lead by Dr. Barnaby Drabble at the EDHEA - Valais School of Art, with the support of ETH Zurich, HES-SO, State of Valais and Loterie Romande.
The publication together essays, interviews and case studies and examines the work and ideas of a range of artists working in Europe today.
Providing readers an insight into practices that are dealing in different ways with the urgent and complex manifestations of climate change, this book addresses questions about how art can positively enter a discourse which is often dominated by political and scientific voices.
Spanning seven chapters of writings by artists, activists and academics, this volume brings together various interconnected themes from self-sufficiency and civil disobedience, to inter-species justice, divestment and de-growth, to environmental ethics.
The collected texts reveal a new immediacy amongst a growing network of practitioners collaborating across disciplines to bring creative, at times visionary methods to bear on ecological challenges.