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How scriptwriting is taught in Sweden today

There are hundreds of books about how to write the winning script. But there is not much written about how you teach students to be good screenwriters.
How does knowledge originate in the meeting and conversation between teacher and student? Is there an unexplored discourse related to the subject of scriptwriting? What could you require from a student at a screenwriting programme? Is it possible to give him or her the conditions to be a good scriptwriter? What could you require from the teacher? These are questions I try to answer in a study, as a result of my artistic research about pedagogy of screenwriting.
The object of my study is to describe, phrase and discuss how you educationally make a creative, brave and proficient scriptwriter. Besides being a good craftsman I think it is important to understand your own artistry and look at it in light of the world we live in. I also think it is essential to understand your own creative process and learn methods to communicate your ideas to other people.
I intend to base my paper on the results of my study, which focuses on how screenwriting is taught in Sweden. Sweden is a small country with few full time screenwriting teachers. I will discuss their teaching methods and how they relate to American and European dramaturgical teaching traditions. I will especially focus on whether Sweden has its own screenwriting tradition and if it has been affected by famous Swedish filmmakers such as Ingmar Bergman.
The study will be based on interviews and my own experiences as scriptwriter, script editor, dramaturge, producer and screenwriting teacher. The study will be carried out and published in 2013.
Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 2013

Full spec

6th Screenwriting Research Network International Conference August 20 – 22, 2013 University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA