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I Mend It With Sugar

"Gluttony" and "sloth" is the sugar addictions best friend, or could it be that the addiction comes out of a disturbed hormone production caused by the environment that surrounds us?
Trying to understand my own sugar addiction I weave in my personal story into my artistic research around this subject.
The sugar might be the cause of the pandemic obesity and that's why it has to bee brought up into the light from its darkness down the basement of the food giants that roles over the world economy.
There might be no answer yet to the questions I ask myself but it is time that we all do what it takes to get closer to the answers, by questioning the nature of the food that we stuff our self full of, we all have a part of it, or do we? Have our brain already been kidnapped by the white gold that we're no longer capable to think clear?
This is a subject that suits very well to be highlighted through body related art, such as jewellery and corpus. We use our body when we eat, our feelings is coming from the inside of our body, by looking at our body and how it acts we can easily see the signs of how we really feel it's just that we forgot to look, we forgot to listen to our body, maybe it's the sugar that has numb our bodies…