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Composing over time, temporal patterns – in Textile Design

Dear Reader,
I am delighted you are my audience today. Warm welcome to a journey through my thesis work, which summarise my research work on light emit-ting textiles of the recent years. The work presented in this thesis investigates through practice a new field of textile design exploring the visual effects of moving light as a continuous time-based medium. Thereby, the textile design pattern reveals its composi-tion, not in one moment of time any more, but in fact over time. The thesis consist of four parts: a solo exhibition at the Textile Museum in Borås from 17th February- 28th March 2015, five posters, an interactive thesis including 48 films (download file) and present thesis book.The artefacts displayed in the thesis show a varying range of examples which explore aesthetical possibilities of how light can be integrated as an ac-tive part into textile structures, ranging from weaving to braiding techniques, both hand crafted, as well as industrial produced. Thereby three main groups of experiments: colour flow, rhythm exercise, sound_light experiment ex-plore and discuss a range of different time-based expressions. Thus define and establish relevant new design variables and notions, whilst working with time-based design processes. In the following descriptions of these ex-periments two forms of writing have been used to describe the experiments. One is purely descriptive, neutral form to describe the experiments as such, whereas text titled Research Diary Notes includes reflections and personal comments on the experiences during work on the experiments. The interactive thesis and the exhibited artefacts are an invitation to view new textiles expressions and are an initial guide on the road toward future time-based design works, particularly in the area of light emitting textiles.[Due to limitations in printing processes and digital media are the actual light colours displayed inside the textile structures not shown correctly in printed graphics and film material. They are approximations. Yet, the inter-active thesis displays a better colour rendering in the graphic material.]Please view the interactive thesis first, to be downloaded at:
Boras, 2015

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University of Boras