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« I undertook a unique sound performance on a moving boat, where I affixed a contact microphone to the hull of the vessel to capture the distinct sound of the engine. Using a cable, the microphone was connected to my sound card. The performance commenced as the boat started its journey, initially presenting only the raw engine noise, creating an ambiguity that left the audience uncertain about the initiation of the sonic experience. Gradually, I manipulated the engine sound by employing various effects and incorporated synthesized modular elements that had been pre-recorded and modified using granular synthesis. The performance unfolded over approximately 30 minutes, concluding precisely as the boat reached its next destination. This auditory journey aimed to immerse the audience in a dynamic interplay of live and manipulated sounds, blurring the lines between the natural and the synthesized in a sonic exploration of the boat's movement. »
MS Evolutie Schiff, Rhein, Basel, 2023