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Pablo Calderón Salazar - It is what it is The Other Market

This project is about making alternative economic practices public, in order to build different types of value. A market at the border between formality and informality, materialized in
a pushcart, serves as a (its) platform (for doing so). The way the cart itself is built (embracing spontaneity, adaptive re-use and organic growth), the products and services, and the ways these are traded and exchanged come together in public dialogues and represent my stake in the issue.
As a designer, one cannot be held fully responsible of building alternative systems; therefore, this is but a humble attempt to trigger reflection around the topic, yet suggesting different ways of conceiving economic, social, cultural & political relations.
I frame my position as a border practitioner, standing at the edge of the discipline and connecting with other professionals, as well as amateurs. This I am able to do by using something that is essential to my practice, which is evidenced throughout the project: dialogue.
Netherlands, 2013-10-15T07:34:11-04:00