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Soils are still often seen as an inert and static medium, an inexhaustible resource and infinitely manipulable material, whereas in reality, they are a moving milieu that has been weakened by recent human activity. More than providing a living environment for thousands of animal and organic species, soils support a rich diversity of landscapes and genetic reserves. As well as being rich in cultural and social portent, they also host human activities, conserve archaeological remains and traces of past climates and biology. They are a source for building and combustible materials, minerals and pigments.

The LAB investigates ways to revive our relationship with soils and re-establish fruitful dialogue with them. In order to do so, the members proposed to link diverse disciplines concerned with the soils. From the study of the soil fauna to fertilisation rituals, the LAB aim to cross bridges between the natural and social sciences, art and craft.

To spark a discussion, the LAB set the hypothesis that the division between disciplines had never occurred. Thus, at the interface between art and science, the Soil Fictions exhibition takes the form of an imaginary cabinet, the lab of a “soil researcher” that displays a range of experiments arising from different soil expertises. It is composed as a sensorial and imaginary journey blending approaches, methods and tools, yet, without losing sight of reality.


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