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My Surrealist Reality

My surrealist reality is the result of a collection of clothes made from objects/accessories found
in flea markets. These objects/accessories enrich the clothes on the one hand by their new
function and on the other hand by a new aesthetic.

Starting with a random selection of various objects, I looked for the best way to give more
importance to these objects/accessories that are normally only appreciated for their primary
function. Thus, the inclusion of these various objects/accessories in my looks allows me to
question the perception and interpretation of each one: Does a lamp that has become a dress
remain a lamp even though it no longer has its initial function, that of lighting?

On the other hand, I also made variations of prints from a glitch image that allowed me to create
printed fabrics creating questions about the nature of the latter and finally reinforce the
importance of the perception of each when seeing them.

The results that I obtained at the end of the realization of my collection thanks to the
methodology used, namely that of creating with the object that I have at hand, give surprising
combinations of materials, objects and accessories. Each of my pieces, I hope, will intrigue the
public while bringing him a playful discovery of reappropriation of the functions of
objects/accessories too often relegated to the simple object of the everyday life which we forget
the fundamental utility.

Thus, I invite you to discover my collection and let your interpretations run free. Surprise,
astonishment, questioning and perhaps disturbance will undoubtedly be the result.
Basel, 2022

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Yasmina Haddad
Lookphotos @chaumont_zaerpour