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«BANG BANG - translocal hi:stories of performance art»

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This website gives access to the viewing stations of the exhibition «BANG BANG - translocal performance hi:stories» via the Internet. While the exhibition was on display at Museum Tinguely Basel from 8 June 2022 - 21 August 2022, the platform remains open for research and upload.
Copyrights and rights of use of all content and data is by the respective artists, collectives, participants and/or other named persons, institutions and/or additional, indicated stakeholders.

Designed for the large screens in the exhibition context, an extensive collection of digital resources becomes publicly available.

Behind the interfaces GRID, LISTE, DIGITALE SEE and SALON DIGITAL (left side), more than 1,680 entries with documents on individual performances but also entire festivals, exhibitions, performance events and interviews are waiting to be discovered, explored, supplemented and perhaps also corrected. The respective functions can be accessed via the navigation elements on the left edge of the screen.

The database was compiled by over 350 protagonists of the Swiss performance art scenes. In close collaboration with around 2.000 artists and collectives, organisers, documenters and many others, 12.716 images, 753 documents in PDF format, 1.104 videos amounting to around 248 hours and 27 audio files of over 8 hours were collected and uploaded via a web form. The database is dynamic: new entries can still be made or corrections be suggested and submitted.

DThe management and maintenance of the database is realised by the Media Library at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel in collaboration with info-age and the curatorial team of BANG BANG.

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Short description of the four research reports (german only)

Conception/Realization: Lena Eriksson, Muda Mathis, Chris Regn, Andrea Saemann
Project partner: Museum Tinguely, Basel, Séverine Fromaigeat (Museum Tinguely), Kuratorin für das internationale Performanceprogramm
Expanded Project Team: Sabine Gebhardt Fink, Tancredi Gusman, Deirdre O’Leary, Dorothea Rust, Margarit von Büren
Expanded Research Team: Madeleine Amsler, Pascale Grau, Gisela Hochuli, Judith Huber, Marie-Ève Knoerle
Collaboration partner: PANCH – Performance Art Netzwerk CH | Soziale Eleganz Mediathek HGK FHNW | Tabea Lurk info-age GmbH | Jürgen Enge Wikimedia Schweiz HSLU, Master Fine Arts, Berufsfeldpraxis | Lena Eriksson HSLU, Networking Performance Art Histories | Sabine Gebhardt Fink HKB, Master of Arts, Contemporary Arts Practice | Valerian Maly Lumpen Station | Radioshow | Andrea Marioni, Mathilde Beetschen, Ivan Chrichton, Luke Archer who writes his_tory & Guter Grund Existenz und Produkt | das Verlagswesen für Künstlerinnen*
Trägerschaft Verein Performance Chronik Basel

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