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Werknummer/Work ID: 1537


Wildberger, Martina-Sofie

Hasler, Denise (Performer)
Bienz, Tobias (Performer)
Turpeinen, Tania (Performer)
Knüsel, Eva-Maria (Eventcurator)
Breitschmid, Laura (Eventcurator)
Wildberger, Martina-Sofie (Camera)

In ‘SPEAK UP!’ I am interested in the narrative plane, the rhythm and the acoustic articulation of language. Four performers present and repeat 17 text fragments following a specific set of rules. They walk the length of the space, meet for a dialogue, a verbal exchange, during a crescendo speaking chorus involving the entire group. Combining fragments from advertising slogans, political rhetoric and everyday phrases; they explore the spectrum of oral expressions of opinion. Through testing and improvising these different dialogue situations, a sociocultural landscape emerges which is in constant movement.
Ausschnitt aus der Performance

Ort: sic! Elephanthouse, Luzern
KuratorIn: Knüsel, Eva-Maria; Breitschmid, Laura
Dokumentationstyp: Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action


Video 4:3
Dauer: 3h