Werknummer/Work ID: 1054

kredit. bezhalt sein um nichts zu tun, 2007


Buchmann, Sabeth (ArtHistorian,Professor)
Kaschnig, Peter (Architect)
Curated by Gesa Ziemer and Florian Malzacher (Eventcurator)

RELAX proposed a walk through the city from fountain to fountain. To be part of the walking group, participants had to hand over their money, credit cards and other valuables to RELAX. Sabeth Buchmann, as cashier, protected the valuables in a transparent plastic bag. At each fountain, RELAX served drinks such as martinis and red wine in paper cups with the inscription "FIFTY-fifty". As well as reading texts on issues such as friendship, art production, abundance and waste.

Ausstellung "Close Enough. Walking Conference"

Ort: City of Graz /A
KuratorIn: Curated by Gesa Ziemer and Florian Malzacher
Dokumentationstyp: Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action


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Dauer: 255:00 (Afternnon: from 12 to 16:15 pm)